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The Village of Pedralva, a rural village of Vila do Bispo, which was once inhabited by 100 people, entered in the last 25 years a painful process of desertification

In 2006, when we discovered this village, it had only nine of its original inhabitants left, and a set of about 50 houses in an advanced state of disrepair. Only nine of these homes met the minimum conditions of habitability.

Against this background, and decided to give new life and dignity to this village, we initiated the first phase of this complex process of urban recovery. For a year and a half we searched Portugal and Europe for over 200 owners / heirs in order to negotiate and buy a group of 31 houses.

Having overcome this, we started the process of urban rehabilitation, trying to reproduce faithfully the rural environment through the use of restored furniture in all the houses, as well as the use of building materials faithful to the traditional old buildings.

The Municipality of Vila do Bispo also envisioned in the project the recovery of its heritage and history, deciding this was an opportunity to recover, and therefore add, another village to their County. The Council invested in the necessary infrastructure, in particular the burying of all electrical lines, new lighting, new plumbing and new pavements for the streets, in keeping with the feel and spirit of ancient villages.

Today, in 2010, the Village of Pedralva is ready for a new challenge: Live again.

And for this purpose and to support the Touristic Village of Pedralva and its 26 houses already in operation, we have the “Gourmet Grocery” operated in the area of the former village store, the Reception Area of the Touristic Village which also runs the snack-bar, a Summer store “Pedralva Outlet” and two restaurants already famous on the Costa Vicentina “Pizza Pazza Pizzeria” and “Sitio da Pedralva”.

The Village of Pedralva, wants to become an Active Touristic Village and has promoted various sporting events of which we can highlight the sponsorship of the WQS -World Surf Algarve for the last four years, and the MTB National Marathon Cup. And because the Village of Pedralva should have its own life, and given the enormous human wealth of artisans existing in this region, we intend to activate a cultural life in this village related to the arts and artisans. Here we emphasize the four crafts fairs in the streets of the village. 

Enjoy the life of a villager and have a great holiday in contact with the field, with the sea and with the energy of this village.

Pets are allowed at an additional cost of € 15 per day, except July & August.

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